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Senior Digital Marketing Specialist with 10 years’ experience helping agencies to thrive.


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Facebook Ads Manager

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Jan 2018 - PresentDigital Marketing LeadTriggerfish Communications

Feb 2015 - Dec 2017Digital Marketing ManagerHighflyers London

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Email Marketing


LinkedIn Marketing


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ExpertiseWhat I Do

In short, I blend technology, micro-commitments and vertical marketing to create microtargeted campaigns that sequentially get peoples’ attention and then turn them into fans. The marketing channels I typically focus on are:


From cold outreach and lead nurturing drip campaigns to large-scale surveys and weekly newsletters I’ve done it all.

However, over the years the area I’ve got to love the most is email lead generation – which while is as hard as it sounds I happen to find the most rewarding.


Having spent the best part of my career running social media campaigns I think is fair to say is one of the channels I am the most comfortable with.

My preferred social media platforms are, in order, LinkedIn (organic + paid), Facebook (paid) Twitter (organic).


When it comes to search marketing, my expertise primarily lies in Content SEO, where I craft content specifically designed to rank on search engines’ first page, and in Search Ads, where I leverage Google Ads to attract prospects actively searching for solutions.

PortfolioSuccess Stories

A sample of my recent work – take a look to see how I’ve helped other brands reach their goals.

2700 New Followers in 5 Days

FB Advertising


2700 New Followers In 5 Days

  • Client: Hoar Cross Hall
  • Objective: Boost Page Following
  • Campaign: Facebook Contest Advertising
  • Impressions: 17,268
  • Landing Page Views: 711
  • Cost per Landing Page View: 0.09p
  • Engagement: 2,500 comments, 1,300 likes, 169 shares
  • New Followers: 2,700

5071 Survey Responses

Email Newsletter


5071 Survey Responses

  • Client: Eden Hall
  • Objective: Find out what previous guests had to say about their last visits
  • Campaign: Weekly Newsletter Outreach
  • Recipients: 107,877
  • Click through rate: 5.7%
  • Landing Page Views: 6,149
  • Completion Rate: 82%
  • Responses: 5071

5.18 ROAS

Google Search Ads


5.18 ROAS

  • Client: Barons Eden
  • Objective: Boost Christmas Gift Vouchers Sales
  • Campaign: Google Ads Search
  • Impressions: 134,453
  • Clicks: 7,665
  • Click Through Rate: 5.69%
  • ROAS: 5.18

3288 Qualified Visitors
At 7.5p Per Click

FB Advertising


3,288 Qualified Visitors at 7.5p per click

  • Client: Feldon Valley
  • Objective: Boost Reservations Midweek
  • Campaign: Direct Response Facebook Advertising
  • Impressions: 82,965
  • Click Through Rate: 3.96%
  • Landing Page Views: 3,288
  • Conversion Rate: 0.88%
  • Direct Web Bookings: 29

Ranked on Google’s First Page Without Building Backlinks

Content SEO


Rank on Google's First Page Without Building Backlinks

  • Client: Park House Hotel
  • Objective: RankFor The Search Term ‘West Sussex Health Club’
  • Campaign: Content SEO
  • Ranking Position: #3
  • Visitors: 1221

3.5% Conversion Rate

Cold Email Outreach


3.5% Conversion Rate

  • Client: Story Events
  • Objective: Attract High Quality Attendees For London Summer Event Show
  • Campaign: Account-based Cold Email Outreach
  • Emails Sent: 832
  • Emails Opened: 214
  • Open Rate: 26%
  • Unique Web Visitors: 150
  • Click Through Rate: 18%
  • Direct Conversions: 29
  • Conversion Rate: 3.5%
  • Brands Secured: BP, CBI, IMG, BAFTA, Equifax, Grant Thornton (to name just a few)

285 Direct Conversions With A £560 Ad Spend.

FB Advertising


285 Direct Conversions With A £560 Ad Spend

  • Client: Blackdub
  • Objective: Build A Community Of TT Race Fans
  • Campaign: Lead Magnet Facebook Advertising
  • Impressions: 162,605
  • Landing Page Views: 902
  • Direct Conversions: 285
  • Cost per conversion: £1.97

88,900 High-Intent Shoppers Reached With A £2000 Ad Spend

Google Search Ads


88,900 Qualified Prospects Reached With A £2000 Ad Spend

  • Client: Hill House Farm
  • Objective: Attract New Customers in a Cost-Effective Way
  • Impressions: 88,900
  • Clicks: 5,100
  • Cost Per Click: 40p
  • Direct Conversions: 64
  • Conversion Rate: 1.25%

6 New Clients In 47 days

Cold Email Outreach


6 New Clients In 47 Days

  • Client: Designed by Phoebe
  • Objective: Secure Her First Freelance Clients
  • Campaign: Vertical Cold Email Outreach
  • Recipients: 2,046
  • Open Rate: 41%
  • Reply Rate: 2.35%
  • Conversion Rate: 0.29%
  • New Clients: 6

TestimonialsWhat My Clients Say

Some kind words from previous clients…

Andreas has been an invaluable resource for us. From delivering our annual Gift Card campaign, utilising targeted PPC, retargeting and social media strategy, right through to in-depth analysis and optimisation of our online presence.

The depth of knowledge he has in leveraging all aspects of digital marketing, combined with his approach to understanding our customer, have resulted in the best engagement we have achieved to date.

Andreas has been a pleasure to work with.

Paul Beames
Head of Digital
Barons Eden

We have worked with Andreas and Triggerfish now for three years and I have always been impressed by the attitude and willingness to understand our business, challenges and objectives.

Andreas is a positive force with a can-do attitude who sees every challenge as a personal mission to deliver the best results at the lowest possible cost.

We are seeing ever improving statistics in terms of online engagement and the conversions into sales can be tracked and quantified – a marketing cost that you can justify and explain in very simple terms.

David King
General Manager
Feldon Valley

We took the decision to get expert help and brought Andreas in as an outside specialist to help us use LinkedIn for generating leads, building brand awareness, and establishing strategic partnerships with great success!

Andreas brings formidable technical skills to the table and a wealth of understanding in the digital marketing field – which is why for years has been my go-to contact for training and implementing social media campaigns that turn lookers into bookers.

His passion, enthusiasm and expertise is infectious!

Anthony Coyle-Dowling
Senior Director
BCD Meetings & Events

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