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A Graduate Cover Letter Example That Will Get You Noticed

Recently graduated and looking for a winning template on how to write a cover letter that will turn you into a stand-out candidate and get you through to the next round?

This guide will help you do just that.

So, to get the ball rolling, let’s start with a real-life graduate cover letter example!

Recently graduated and looking for a winning template on how to write a cover letter that will turn you into a stand-out candidate and get you through to the next round?

This guide will help you do just that.

So, to get the ball rolling, let’s start with a real-life graduate cover letter example!

Cover Letter for a Graduate Social Media Role

Now lets break down what we actually did here…

The Anatomy of a Winning Graduate Cover Letter

1. Email address + Name

Email: [email protected] | Jonathan Darton

Yes, neither [email protected] nor John D…

Both the email address and the display name are simple, short and professional.

If you have a common name and that email address is taken, go with some sort of variation of your first and last name;

2. Email subject line

Graduate Marketer – 2 Years Exp. In Fashion

A jam-packed inbox is a given for most recruiters.

The end result?

Most of the emails don’t make the cut and go unnoticed.

But not ours!

Our subject line not only makes it crystal clear what the email is about and hints that we have some relevant prior working experience but also…

… is short enough – less than 50 characters – to not get ‘cut off’ on mobile devices which is of utmost importance since more than 6 out of 10 emails are now opened and read on mobile.

3. Cover letter greeting

Dear Chrissie,

For the love of god do NOT go with:

“Dear Sir/Madam”

Under no circumstances…

Nor with the almost equally bad:

“To whom it may concern”

Rather, as we did above, the recruiter/hiring-manager is addressed by their first name* (which attracts the reader’s attention and shows that you made the effort to research the company before you hit apply) in a professional manner.

* You can find the hiring manager by checking the company’s website or LinkedIn page and make an educated guess as to who would be the right person to get in touch with.

4. Cover letter intro

Dear Chrissie,

I came across your details on LinkedIn and wanted to ask whether T.M.Lewin socials’ team needs an enthusiastic media grad to join the ranks and support you growing your following, increasing brand loyalty and driving more ‘ready to buy’ visitors to your website?

If so, I’d would love to throw my hat in the ring as this happens to be my forte!

This is hands down the most important part of your cover letter.

Yes, you did read that correctly!

How come?

Because, when done right, not only does it set the tone for the rest of your cover letter/email and prompts busy recruiters not to bin it and read further but also…

… it immediately sets you apart from the majority of other candidates that use boring, generic and uninspiring intros along the lines of: 

“I’m applying for [X position].”

“I am writing to express my interest to the [X position].”

“Kindly accept this application for [X position].”

Which is why our intro starts with a strong punchline and then quickly transitioned into the specific areas we can add value if we were to join their team.

5. Cover letter body

But in all seriousness, please let me tell you what qualifies me for this role:

 – 2 years of experience in the social media team of LOST INK, a womenswear fashion brand inspired by London streets

– Excellent knowledge of Facebook Ad Manager and Google Analytics

– First class degree in Media & Communications from the University of Brighton

In this section you have to do just 2 things:

  1. Illustrate that you’ve done your research and understand what the role entails
  2. Tie your previous experience, skills, qualifications and extra-curricular activities with the role’s key requirements (and when possible list concrete examples to show that you’ve ‘been there, done that’)

And hate to toot our own horn, but our template nails every single one of them!



6. Cover letter giveaway

In fact, I’ve decided to create a social media campaign about ‘out of the box ways to wear a linen jacket’ to demonstrate to you my ability to craft fashion campaigns specifically designed to drive engagement and brand recognition.

You can find my campaign here:

And here comes the thing that will separate you from 99% of the other candidates.

As the heading suggests that ‘thing’ is a strategic giveaway…

Which is nothing more than something you put together* solely for the purpose of proving you’re worth your salt!

Yes, rather than just talking about how wonderful (!) you are, you’re actually doing something to demonstrate competence and showcase your key skills in practice.

Like what we did in the example above….

So, what are the steps you have to go through to achieve this?


Step #1: Find and review 30 or so job descriptions that match your target role

Step #2: Identify one key skill that each one of them requires candidates to have

Step #3: Decide which would be the ideal project to show that you possess that skill

Step #4: Put in the work and make that giveaway a reality

* Just to be clear this giveaway is something you’ll create once and then re-use in every single cover letter you submit, but you’ll have to apply some tiny changes to personalise it each time in order to come across as something you created just for them.

Pretty straightforward?


Let’s now move on to the last element of our cover letter template…

7. Cover letter closing

Confident that I am well equipped with the knowledge, skills and enthusiasm needed to become a valued member of T.M.Lewin’s team – please find enclosed my CV for your review.

Thank you for your consideration. I’d love to meet you in person and discuss this opportunity further.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,


And yes my friends, as you know, the last section of any cover letter will always be the infamous closing…

So, what does that entail?

Nothing crazy – you just need to do 3 things:

– Include a link* to your CV. FYI, the reason why I say link and not an attachment is because emails with attachments have a higher chance of getting re-routed to the recipient’s spam folder (b/c they often trigger the email provider’s spam filters).

* Logistically speaking to do that you just need to upload your CV to a file storage service like Google Drive or Dropbox and then simply create a shareable link.

– Sum up in 1 line what you bring to the table

– Thank them and tactfully ask for an interview

Which is pretty much what we did in the example above.

And that my friends is how you create a cover letter that lands you a job interview in style!

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