by Andreas Aravis

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Graduate student on the lookout for your first job out of university?

And you’re NOT keen to ‘play by the rules’ and do pretty much what everyone else does (find an advertised job vacancy, apply and then cross your fingers & pray) to get to the elusive ‘interview stage?

Because you happen to think that competing on these terms – especially in the age of covid – will likely result in a protracted job search and disappointment?

If so, tapping into the hidden graduate job market (that is estimated to account for around 30-60% of new hires depending on which industry you’re in) is for you…

And in case you haven’t heard that term before “hidden job market” is traditionally used to refer to jobs that — for one reason or another — are not publicly listed on job boards or elsewhere (which are usually filled through networking, hiring internally, personal connections, referrals from current employees or by using a recruiting firm).

However over the years it has also encompassed jobs that are planned to be publicly posted BUT have not yet ‘gone live’.

So, how you go about unlocking the hidden job market? Introducing The Impatient Job Seeker’s Manual…

How It Works

Day #1: Define your target role down to the title and industry

Yes, my friends, you need to kick things off by first making up your mind what target role and industry you’ll need to focus on.

Day #2: List 100 companies that match your employer persona

After you choose your target role & focus market you’ll have to decide what type of company is the best fit for you (and then go and find 100 of them).

Day #3: Uncover your target role’s key deliverables

On day #3 the goal is to figure out what end results companies value the most in your target role by ‘listening to the market’.

Day #4: Create a strategic work sample to demonstrate competence

After finding out what really matters in your target role you’ll have to create a targeted work sample to demonstrate you have the skills to deliver upon those requirements.

Day #5: Draft a stand-out cover letter

Rather than drafting the classic – and boring – standardised cover letter that accompanies a resume you’ll create a targeted intro email that speaks their language & shows what you’re made of.

Day #6: Put together an outcome-driven CV

Just as with your cover letter, with your CV you want to do; more showing and less telling, talk ‘their language’ and be surgically targeted, cut the waffle & include only what’s relevant for your role – and that’s what you’ll be doing…

Day #7: Find the hiring managers and their contact details

Since part of the plan is to bypass the ATS and directly get in touch with the hiring managers, you’ll need to: a) Find out who these people are b) Uncover their email addresses. And day #7 will all be about that.

Day #8: Run a pilot test to check your assets’ effectiveness

After you have all the assets combat-ready, will be time to battle-test what you have worked so hard over the last 7 days. But rather than betting the farm on an untested pitch/CV/work-sample you’ll first have to run a pilot test to test the waters.

Day #9: Formally launch your job search campaign

Following the pilot test, the assets might need to be retouched (based on the lessons learned from your pilot test). Once that is done will be time to launch your job search campaign at full steam.

Day #10: Draft your follow-up email template

After all the hiring managers have been reached will be time to ‘prepare the soil’ for your follow up email campaign…

Day #11: Classify your targets by their email activity status

On day #11 you’ll need to measure what has happened. Which will involve checking whether your speculative emails were opened, when and who by and who clicked to see your CV and work sample.

Day #12: Send your follow-up emails

Yes, just because you sent one email to them doesn’t mean you can’t send another one… And in day #12 that’s what you will be doing driven by each target’s email activity status.

Day #13: Re-engage with the unresponsive targets on LinkedIn

If some of the hiring managers you really want to get a hold of don’t respond there is always the last resort option. Which is to engage with them on a completely different platform.

Day #14: Pop the champagne, you’ve made it!

And this my friends is the alternative approach on how to land graduate job interviews on 14 days or less without applying online by tapping the hidden job market…

What’s On Offer


You get The Impatient Job Seeker’s Manual, a 30-page instruction manual on how you can land multiple job interviews in 14 days by completely bypassing the ATS.

The Book + Coaching

You get The Impatient Job Seeker’s Manual and unlimited email access to me for any questions you may have and personalised coaching over the next 14 days.


You get… me! Yes, I will execute your job campaign on a no win, no fee basis (which means I’ll get you job interviews or I won’t get paid). A £20 deposit fee is required as from experience this best qualifies the genuine prospects.

Who Am I?


To quickly introduce myself I am Andreas, a digital marketing specialist with more than 3 years of experience helping graduates landing jobs straight out of university.

I am also founding member of Highflyers London, creator of HR Hard Talks, NMSM and Edgy Cover Letters, and author of The Impatient Job Seeker’s Manual.

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